I. Michael Cash & Associates, LLC
Law Office Automation & Consultation Services


"I'm very satisfied with PC Law and would recommend the software to my colleagues. In less than four months, I have increased my revenues by 10%. In addition, our firm's cash flow has improved because we can now bill our clients as soon as the work is completed. The billing process has also been streamlined because of PC Law's one-step data entry and integration of time, disbursements and trust functions."
-Anthony Boskovich, Esq.

"PC Law has become a major tool in the Bishop Law Firm. "I would encourage anyone to use it." Phyllis Waters says. "It gets rid of all the paper and bring things to your fingertips. There are so many reports - end-of-the-month, year-end and the day-to-day inquiries that we make. It has a wealth of information."

-Phyllis Waters, Esq.

"The Office of Attorney Ethics recently performed a random audit and was very pleased with my firm’s books and records. There is consensus that PC Law is the best program available to New Jersey attorneys."
-John P. Brennan, Esq.

"PC Law is invaluable for calculating and submitting attorney fee awards to court. PC Law produces an itemized list of tasks, times and fees totals the amounts in a quick and easy-to-read statement. PC Law also saved me about $2,500 in less than six months. I used to spend a lot of time billing; now I spend that time in front of my clients--increasing my revenues."
-Eric S. Chester, Esq.

"I’m totally dependent upon PC Law for timekeeping and accounting. Not only have I increased my revenues by 25%, but PC Law, which is fully-integrated, also saves me about 265 hours a year in timekeeping, check writing, general ledger, trust accounting and billing activities."
-Michael Ryan Dyson, Esq.